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Reliable Processes, Uniquely Applied

Making lightboxes for photography and sculpture has been consistent part of our practice since 2014, and we proudly build the most dependable and beautiful boxes and frames.

We combine the highest quality components with tried and tested design techniques to make sure your artwork is perfectly lit, and we have existing relationships with most of the top printers in NYC so the process of proofing and mounting is seamless and simple for you.

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A light box should match your work perfectly

While we're always happy to advise and offer options, every frame we make is custom produced for your work. Here are some of the usual options you can consider:

  • Material - wood, metal

  • Finish - polished aluminum, an automotive spray to a custom color

  • Color temperature - 5000k is standard, but we can use others.

  • Depth of box, width of frame face. 

  • Fixed or detachable cord

  • Cord color, switch, dimmer

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